ZEISS is About to Release an Awesome New FREE Humphrey Field Analyzer Upgrade

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Drumroll, please!!

Apparently, ZEISS Medical Technology is planning to release a new software upgrade for the Humphrey® Field Analyzer 3 (HFA3) perimeter. The software upgrade Version 1.5 is going to feature some really important updates! 👍

Our sources tell us that the update will be available in November 2018. You’ll have all the great features that were present in version 1.4 – but with some extras that are going to really benefit your practice and your patients!

Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 (HFA3) Perimeter


First and foremost, if you are still using HFA II or IIi and are on the fence about upgrading, there are some new features both hardware and software related that might convince you it’s time!

Major changes from older models:

  • Sleeker design and touch interface
  • Liquid Trial Lens™
  • SmartTouch Interface
  • RelEYE™ monitoring is a video capture feature that records images of the patient’s eye during the presentation of each stimulus.
  • Improvements in kinetic perimetry
  • Supports local database mode or FORUM-connected mode

Major benefits and features of HFA3 v1.4 software:

SITA™ Faster was the newest addition to the SITA family of testing strategies for the HFA3 perimeter.

How fast is SITA Faster?

Pretty fast. 🏎

SITA Faster gave us a test that could be completed in 2 minutes or less without a compromise in test results.

SITA Faster was roughly 50% faster than SITA Standard, and about 30% faster than SITA Fast.

If you treat and manage glaucoma, you know how critical it is to provide patients with a test that can be completed quickly as diminishing concentration and onset of fatigue start to impact reliability.

This release also gave us the ability to combine different SITA test strategies in the GPA report, including the new SITA Faster tests.

So in summary – SITA Faster gave us a test that:

  • Is faster than SITA Fast and just as reliable
  • Created a better experience for our patients
  • Improved efficiency for our practice as staff could administer testing faster
  • Mixed SITA GPA reports did not require us to re-baseline patients

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So what’s coming up with the FREE upgrade Version 1.5?

SITA Faster 24-2C – a MAJOR update and an important one for all practitioners who treat glaucoma and manage disease

  • The SITA Faster 24-2C test pattern was developed by experts in glaucoma physiology. It uses the 24-2 test pattern and adds 10 additional test points in the central 10 degrees with targeted relevance to known physiology of the nerve fiber bundles.
  • Can offer more insight into a patient’s visual field defects and glaucoma progression, especially in the central visual field, – and can be mixed with prior SITA 24-2 and 30-2 tests to create GPA reports.
  • Delineation of macular defects in less time than SITA Fast 24-2.
  • Gives doctors a choice: SITA Faster 24-2 for the fastest test; or more information through 24-2C in same test time as SITA Fast 24-2.
To learn more about SITA Faster 24-2C, see the ARVO poster “Evaluation of the SITA Faster 24-2C visual field test.

Data Synchronization

  • The Data Synchronization feature in version 1.5 supports the integration of multiple HFA3 instruments, as well as HFA II-i perimeters, with HFA3’s.
  • Synchronize data between all of your HFA’s, get reports in the exam lane, and enjoy automatic and instant availability of patient’s tests.
  • Complete patient data allows testing of any patient at any available HFA instrument.

Gaze Tracking Improvement

  • Improves set up time and workflow efficiency with better feedback to the operator for centering the patient’s eye to the lens

Research Export

  • Researchers will appreciate the output of pointwise threshold data in standard XML format.

If you are still using an older model of the HFA – here might be one of the most important updates to you!

Data Transport

  • Import and Export HFA II-i tests directly with the HFA3 including USB and Floppy formats, providing ability to refer patients between clinics and easily share test data between HFA’s.

Yes, that means you can now share test data between HFAs even if you are still using floppy disks to store it!

Additionally, there will be new HFA Review software.

Review Software

  • Automatically access HFA reports in every exam lane.
  • View, modify, and print any HFA report directly from the exam lane.
  • Install easily by your practice
  • Set up review software in up to 10 exam lanes.

Review Software will be available at an additional charge, at special pricing at Vision Expo West.

Learn more about HFA3 and how to get upgraded to version 1.5, along with special pricing on Review Software at Vision Expo West by connecting directly with our friends ZEISS!


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