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Three days of unpaid vacation, 2,185 miles of travel and around one thousand dollars in expenses. That is what it took to travel out to Vision Expo West this September, and it was worth every penny.

Vision Expo West is one of the premier events in the ophthalmic industry boasting countless opportunities to learn, have fun and perhaps most importantly, network.

Optometry is a small profession

How many times have we all heard that before? That being said, it is so critical to get out and meet fellow colleagues and leaders in our profession. Vision Expo West provided an invaluable opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and establish new connections with some of the brightest minds in optometry. Having had an opportunity to sit down and have dinner with some of the top names and champions in this profession, provided a learning experience far beyond anything that could be acquired in school, or even in practice seeing patients. However, there was more to it than just learning from these experienced and successful individuals.

Vision Expo West gave me an opportunity to sit down with some of the pioneers and leaders of optometry to truly get to know them, share my viewpoints as a new graduate and discuss concerns and ideas. That is the difference between networking, and merely getting lectured. Both parties finding value in talking to and spending time with each other. That is the true key to networking, as that creates lasting impressions. Remember, optometry is a small profession. There is no question that at some point the relationships you have built along the way will pay dividends in the future in one way or another. The networking opportunities at VEW were well worth the price of admission.

The film team went and shot several videos at Vision Expo West. The influential individuals in these videos attend Vision Expo every year.

Mile Brujic O.D. & Dave Kading O.D. – Success as a New Graduate

In this interview they will cover

  • Student debt
  • How to make your passion profitable
  • What they would do if they could go back in time
Read the full article Team – Our Love Allergan Optometry Jumpstart

Matt, Ryan, Courtney and Antonio felt inspired to produce a short film about our experience with the Allergan Optometry Jumpstart program. Enjoy.

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Pete Hanlin Director of Technical Marketing at Essilor – Lens technology and advice for ODs

Courtney Dryer O.D. – Purchasing frame lines at vision expo

Antonio Chirumbolo O.D. – Success as a New OD

Ryan Corte O.D. – Success as a New OD

We are editing this video right now, check back here soon!

Alan Glazier O.D. – Optometry & Technology

We are editing this video right now, check back here soon!

Aaron Lech O.D. – The basics of the healthcare system and ACOs

We are editing this video right now, check back here soon!

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