Trust and Integrity Within Your Optometry Practice

Trust and integrity might be two of the most important elements to have within an optometry practice.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Patricia Fulmer, OD at Vision Expo West, and asked her to share some thoughts on why trust and integrity can make or break a practice.

Whether you are talking about the relationship between doctors, doctors and patients, or doctors and staff, a lack of trust can destroy your practice.

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Trust begins with the doctor and staff

Patients spend a majority of the time with your staff. A good staff will resonate and reinforce your practice’s mission and culture. If your staff does not trust you as a practice leader, or doesn’t believe in you, this will oftentimes be conveyed in how they interact with your patients.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be stern or you cannot discipline your staff when necessary. It is more about developing a relationship with them that commands respect and truthfulness.

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