Top Doctor Driven Dispensing Tips for Optometrists – Dr. Jennifer Lyerly

In this video interview, Dr. Jennifer Lyerly shares her top doctor driven dispensing tips for optometrists.

Dr. Jennifer Lyerly is perhaps one of the best people one could consult on the latest trends in optometry. Lyerly is not only the co-founder of social media consulting firm Defocus Media, but is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the blog Eyedolatry, where she has written extensively on (among other things) women in optometry and new trends in patient care. She also co-hosts @defocusmedia, a weekly podcast with Dr. Darryl Glover that deals with a variety of topics including prescribing for millennials.

One recent trend in patient care is doctor-driven dispensing, in which the doctor takes a much more active role in guiding patients toward particular options for vision correction. Speaking with Dr. Matt Geller, she gives advice on effective doctor driven dispensing tips for optometrists.

Here are more doctor driven dispensing tips for optometrists.

The key, it seems, is enthusiasm.

“Patients really love when you’re excited about what you can offer them,” she says. “And it helps young doctors especially, to have something that’s different about them to stand out. You might be the first doctor that’s ever done some of this testing on them, or ever talked to them about these options, or ever offered them contact lenses.” This proactive approach to the patient’s needs will subvert their expectations as to what an optometrist can do for them. It can thus make a powerful first impression on patients, and this in turn can naturally lead to customer loyalty.

“Every single patient is a chance to create a brand new experience that exceeds expectations.” It’s the focus on this doctor-patient relationship that really defines doctor-driven dispensing as a practice. By taking a more active role in finding optimal solutions for patients, doctors can increase patients’ confidence in them. This mutually beneficial relationship can potentially lead both to better patient outcomes and greater financial success as one builds a solid and loyal customer base.

Here’s how this OD designed a one of a kind optical dispensary where she takes doctor driven dispensing to another level.

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