Top 5 Topical Medications for Allergy

Up to 30% of the US population is affected by seasonal allergy symptoms, with as many as 70%-80% of these demonstrating symptoms such as ocular itching(1). Consider these allergy drops.

In North Carolina, it feels like allergy season runs almost all year long! With this in mind, I’m constantly addressing allergic conjunctivitis with my patients, whether they are symptomatic at their visit or not. Allergy drops are something I frequently prescribe.

These are my top 5 topical drops I routinely prescribe for these patients:

1) Lastacaft Allergy Drops


Lastacaft (alcaftadine, 0.25%) is proven effective for up to 16 hours (2) and is labeled pregnancy Category B. From my experience, it tends to have better insurance coverage than the newer Pazeo (olopatadine, 0.7%), making it my top option for managing allergic conjunctivitis, especially in expecting or nursing mothers. These are Allergy drops I often prescribe.

2) Lotemax gel Allergy Drops

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About Ryan Corte O.D.

Ryan Corte O.D.


  1. Jonathan Gerard

    I’m also a fan of Lastacaft, I think it works much better for most people than Pataday/Pazeo. I usually start the patient on Lotemax/Alrex (depending on severity), then when symptoms lesson, switch to Lastacaft for maintenance. Works great.

  2. Ryan Corte O.D.

    Thanks for your input, Antonio and Jonathan! I completely agree that you need to have a treatment protocol in place for all levels of severity.

  3. Antonio Chirumbolo

    Jonathan, you and I are on the exact same page!

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