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Concussions and Eye Problems

Erin Keim OD

Over the past five years, dialogue surrounding the implications of concussions has been at the center of media headlines, optometric research, and movie scripts. So why is there so much emphasis on these conversations especially surround concussion and eye problems? First, concussions are prevalent. While we mostly think of concussions …

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Consider Private Practice Optometric Vision Therapy

Vision Help Group

There are more reasons now than ever before to consider private practice optometric vision therapy! As a new grad, attending continuing education to advance your understanding of vision therapy and vision rehabilitation can change how you practice. Private practice optometric vision therapy will help challenge yourself to grow professionally and …

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Diagnosing Convergence Insufficiency as a Primary Care OD

diagnosing convergence insufficiency as a primary care od

The diagnostic battery for Convergence Insufficiency (CI) is remarkably simple, making it an easy addition to even the tightest exam sequence. Before diving into diagnosis, it’s important to first review definitions. What is Convergence Insufficiency? Dr. Jeff Cooper, who has contributed heavily to the current literature on evidence-based treatment of …

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How to Add Optometric Vision Therapy to Your Practice

Optometric Vision Therapy

Optometric Vision Therapy (OVT). This essential specialty of optometry sets us apart from our colleagues in ophthalmology and has changed the lives of countless patients. As students, many of us dreamed of helping children and adults improve their quality of life by teaching them how to use their vision more …

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Concussion and Vision Problems

Concussion and vision problems typically go hand in hand. There are many vision issues that can arise from the result of concussion or traumatic brain injury. Concussions are a very tricky subject. It is difficult to fully diagnose a concussion, difficult to combat the old norms of grading mild or severe …

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