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Accommodative Disorders for the New Grad Optometrist

accommodative dysfunction for the new grad optometrist

This article has been contributed by Michael Montenare, O.D., M.A.T., F.C.O.V.D. Accommodative dysfunction is one of the most common conditions encountered by optometrists, with an estimated prevalence of 6%. Thus, it is vital that optometrists be familiar with these conditions, so that we may provide the appropriate treatment. There are different …

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Operating The Million Dollar Optometry Practice

Matt Geller, OD, sat down with Bryan Rogoff, OD, MBA, CPHM, the owner of EyeExec Consulting and past president of the Maryland Optometric Association, at SECO to discuss what it means to operate a “million dollar optometry practice” and other advice on the business of optometry. The phrase “million dollar …

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7 Ways Sleep Apnea Affects Ocular Health

Sleep apnea

Almost everyone has either seen or is aware of the scene in Star Wars where Darth Vader holds out his hand and uses the Force to strangle a commander while Vader states, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Imagine this same thing happening to someone hundreds of times per …

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Top 5 Optometric Treatments for Traumatic Brain Injury

optometric treatments for traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious concern for patients of all ages. Fortunately, most patients recover completely within the first few weeks of a mild head injury. However, 10-15% have lingering symptoms which can prevent them from returning to school and work. An optometric evaluation can help to uncover …

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Investing for New Grad ODs

ODs Investing

Investing is usually not very high on the priority list for new ODs. Things like landing your first job, where to live, and how you’re going to open that practice cold are usually at the top of the list. Ask anyone if investing is a good thing, they will say …

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Student to New Optometrist – Crossing the Void

Ever wondered what real-world optometry is like, or questioned how you’d make the transition from optometry student to new optometrist? At VisionExpo West 2017, a group of young ODs sat down to discuss exactly that! Topic One: How does a new optometrist become eligible to practice? Good News!!! Going from …

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