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The Dos and Don’ts of the Job Search

optometry do's and dont's

t’s never too early to start searching for your first job after graduation. Here are my recommendations of how to approach the job search process. DO Get involved All new graduates exhibit “entry level” competency. Your intangible skills are what make YOU different from your peers (i.e. personality, special interests, …

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Getting Started as an Optometrist in New York

This article will talk about how to get started as an optometrist in New York State.  It’s a step-by-step guide showing you steps to get your optometry license upon graduation and passing NBEO Parts I, II, and III.  In addition, I will discuss getting malpractice insurance and show you a …

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Optometric Websites for New Optometry Graduates

There are many optometric websites that can be extremely helpful for new clinicians as they graduate from school and begin to practice. This list contains few of these many resources. This is simply a starting point, and by no means represents a complete list of resources. Staying up to date …

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