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Optometrist Laser Training

katie rachon od

Optometrist laser training is becoming increasingly more prominent. Laser procedures are quickly becoming a service either offered by optometrists, or at the very least, co-managed with ophthalmology. Because of this, optometry students today are undergoing training with lasers in school. Optometrist laser training is becoming more commonly available at externship …

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6 Important Tips About Ontario Optometry Opportunities

Ontario optometry

As an American-trained optometrist returning home or starting a new life in Canada, it may feel a bit unfamiliar at first. Fret not, because Ontario optometry opportunities and the day-to-day patients are all going to be similar to what you have previously been exposed to in clinical training during optometry …

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How to Add Optometric Vision Therapy to Your Practice

Optometric Vision Therapy

Optometric Vision Therapy (OVT). This essential specialty of optometry sets us apart from our colleagues in ophthalmology and has changed the lives of countless patients. As students, many of us dreamed of helping children and adults improve their quality of life by teaching them how to use their vision more …

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Optometry Scope of Practice in Canada

What is the optometry scope of practice in Canada? As a new graduate optometrist, it is important to know the limitations of the optometry scope of practice where you reside. We live in the most exciting time to practice Optometry in Canada. Many provincial legislations are approving optometrists in their …

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