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Wage Gap In Healthcare and Optometry

Dr. Rachel Simpson, co-host of the podcast Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate, discusses the gender wage gap in optometry in this video interview. Wage gaps at the high level, are the differences between what two groups of individuals are paid. Generally, gender wage gaps are discussed in the binary, …

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The Easy Guide To Ontario Optometry Exam Fees

the easy guide to ontario optometry exam fees

Ontario optometry exam fees were the last thing on my mind as an optometrist trained in the US and then returning to my hometown in Ontario, Canada. There was a learning curve with how to bill for eye exam services, what diagnostic codes to input after the patient’s exam, and …

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The New Grad’s Guide to OD/MD Practice

The New Grad's Guide to OD/MD Practice

As recent graduates scan the horizon for their next professional move, there’s a good chance an opportunity to practice within an ophthalmology OD/MD group setting will arise. With the U.S. population expanding annually by over 2 million people1 and today’s baby boomer population exceeding 70 million,2 ophthalmologists (OMDs) are depending …

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How To Negotiate a Raise With Your Optometry Employer

Here is a short snippet of the Free Ebook – The Simple Guide to Jobs After Optometry School So you’ve looked for jobs, got your resume together, interviewed, selected your favorite practice but now its time to negotiate a raise. Yet sometimes things aren’t that clean cut. Both practices I …

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