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Optometrists and Surgical Care and Co-Management

T'Sani Watson OD

Dr. T’Sani Watson discusses optometrists and surgical care and co-management in this video interview. When it comes to making referrals, communication, patient education, and having a relationship with the surgeon to whom you are referring to is key. Even though we are not performing the procedure ourselves, it is critical …

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ZEISS Humphrey Field Analyzer of Today and Tomorrow


This article has been written in partnership with Carl Zeiss Meditec, a supporter of NewGradOptometry & new graduate optometrists.😎 Perimetry has been the gold standard diagnostic modality of glaucoma care for many years, though recently it has begun to share that spotlight with OCT. Much of the literature that has solidified …

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Check Out This New Upgrade For CIRRUS HD-OCT


This is article was written in partnership with Carl Zeiss Meditec, a supporter of NewGradOptometry & new graduate optometrists 😎 ZEISS Medical Technology is set to preview a new software upgrade for the CIRRUS HD-OCT We’ve got some exciting news! Our friends from ZEISS have told us the new CIRRUS …

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3D Eye – Try and Fuse These Retinal Images

3d eye try and fuse these retinal images

Try and fuse these retinal images, and discover what kind of vergence abilities you truly have! All of these retinal images depict patients with glaucoma. This article is not meant to be clinical in nature, but you can definitely brush up on your glaucoma by checking out some of the …

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Optometrists and Lasers

katie rachon od

Laser procedures are becoming an increasingly popular way to be more involved in your patients’ care, whether you are able to be licensed to perform them yourself or you co-manage care with ophthalmology. If you are considering becoming more involved with the post-operative care of your referred patients, knowing the …

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