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My Number One Secret To Avoiding Glasses Remakes

You all know the feeling, that sinking, rock in the pit of your stomach feeling. Cruising through your day, everything’s going great, and then a member of your optical team pops their head around the corner and says, “Hey Doc, Mr. Jones is having issues with his new glasses…” If …

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Optometry and the Art of Refraction

We all likely remember (despite how we try to forget…) the refraction we performed during optometry school practicals: A rote machination through confused retinoscopy, Jackson crossed-cylinder, Draconian plus-pushing, and probable contemplation of why we didn’t enter podiatry instead. We also recall our horror on the first day of providing care …

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8 Things ODs Can Learn From Opternative.com and Online Eye Exams

opternative.com frustration

f you haven’t heard of Opternative, you’ve been living under a rock! Founded by an optometrist Dr. Steven Lee and entrepreneur Aaron Dallek, Opternative.com is looking to launch the first online “refractive eye exam” this summer. In fact, when you Google Opternative, you’ll find that many articles refer to them as the first online eye exam – …

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