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Navigating the Costs of Contact Lenses

Our goal as optometrists is to help our patients see better. We want to find a solution that accomplishes this goal while making the patient happy. Sometimes, the main barrier is the cost. The costs of contact lenses – are they worth the price? Upon hearing the initial price of …

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Why Buy From Independent Eyewear Companies?

“You’re paying for the name.” We tell patients this constantly. When you buy mass-produced eyewear, you pay for the logo/licensing, and not the quality. It’s estimated that 5-15% of profit from sales of the product are paid to the licensor.1 It’s not always worth it, despite the allure. And, with the …

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Managing An Optical Made Easy With RevolutionEHR

Optical Management Made Easy With Revolution EHR

This article was written in partnership with RevolutionEHR, a proud supporter of NewGradOptometry and new graduate optometrists. 😎 Managing an optical in an optometric practice is extremely difficult.  Optometry school does not equip you with the knowledge to understand the intricacies of managing an optical like: Knowing what frames to …

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Optometrists and Surgical Care and Co-Management

T'Sani Watson OD

Dr. T’Sani Watson discusses optometrists and surgical care and co-management in this video interview. When it comes to making referrals, communication, patient education, and having a relationship with the surgeon to whom you are referring to is key. Even though we are not performing the procedure ourselves, it is critical …

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Patient Communication Tips for Optometrists

Mario di Cosmo OD

Dr. Mario Di Cosmo shares patient communication tips for optometrists. Communication is everything. When it comes to communication in your practice and with patients, effective communication should begin with building a personal connection with the patient. By building a personal connection, this will allow you to speak their language, and …

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Artificial Intelligence in Eye Care

Bryan Rogoff OD

Dr. Bryan Rogoff discusses artificial intelligence in eye care in this video interview. Healthcare is changing, and optometry is changing with it. New technology is emerging that uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to detect disease states. Artificial intelligence in eye care has already taken shape utilizing fundus photography to capture the …

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