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My Patient Has Optic Nerve Pallor: What Do I Do?

Optic Nerve Pallor

Our 45 year old patient is in for their annual eye exam. Aside from wanting new glasses, they have no additional ocular complaints, and to their knowledge no other pertinent ocular history. We go to check the posterior pole and BOOM, to our surprise their optic nerve is a bit …

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How To Increase Your Patient Base By Networking

  Trying to increase your patient base is hard. It is even harder as a new graduate. As new graduates, it is difficult to be compared to OD’s who have been practicing for multiple years. Oftentimes, an older doctor may be perceived (and naturally is) as more experienced, point blank. …

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How To Effectively Build Patient Relationships

Optometry has definitely changed over the last twenty years or so.  As Optometrists, we need to adapt as the profession changes. Due to managed care and other obstacles such as the competition that we face, we see more patients but spend less time with them. Can we still build patient …

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6 Things You Should Discuss with Every Patient at Every Eye Exam

I firmly believe as optometrists we should use each patient encounter to educate our patients on our capabilities as optometrists. We are much more then “eye exams,” glasses, and contacts. We are more than artificial tears. We have the capabilities to enhance our patient’s vision and their lives. These are the six things I always …

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