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How To Develop a Medical Optometry Practice

At Vision Expo East, Antonio Chirumbolo, OD, sat down with Dr. Patricia Fulmer, Dr. Mark Dunbar, and Dr. Dan Epshtein to discuss how to develop a medical optometry practice. What is a medical optometry practice? “I think any practice can be a medical practice,” says Dr. Fulmer. “There’s not a …

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7 Ways Sleep Apnea Affects Ocular Health

Sleep apnea

Almost everyone has either seen or is aware of the scene in Star Wars where Darth Vader holds out his hand and uses the Force to strangle a commander while Vader states, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Imagine this same thing happening to someone hundreds of times per …

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Hubble Contact Lenses – 4 Things To Consider

You know the old saying if it’s too good to be true then it probably is? The same might be said about Hubble contact lenses. Forbes Magazine recently ran a feature on the founders of Hubble contact lenses and their goal of disrupting the contact lens industry. According to the …

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The Power of the Bandage Contact Lens

There are many innovative applications of the bandage contact lens that can make a big difference in certain situations. A bandage contact lens (BCL) is one of the simplest and most powerful instruments available to eye doctors to heal a problematic cornea. Surprisingly, many eyecare providers underutilize this amazing tool. …

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