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The NewGradOptometry Audio Series Is Live!

NGO Audio Series podcast

Welcome to the NewGradOptometry Audio Series! We’re combing our archives to bring you our best content in a format that’s easy to listen to wherever you are. Check out our existing episodes on this page, or subscribe to our podcast: Spotify Google Play Apple Podcasts Stitcher RSS Feed Or, if …

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Myopia Control – Everything You Need to Know

Listen to this article instead of reading it: Intro to Myopia Control There are no shortage of theories on the mechanisms of myopia development and progression. Genetics, near work, time indoors, artificial lighting, diet; all these factors have been investigated as potential causes of/correlates to myopia. The fact of the …

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How To Effectively Build Patient Relationships

Listen to this article instead of reading it: Optometry has definitely changed over the last twenty years or so.  As Optometrists, we need to adapt as the profession changes. Due to managed care and other obstacles such as the competition that we face, we see more patients but spend less …

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