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Wage Gap In Healthcare and Optometry

Dr. Rachel Simpson, co-host of the podcast Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate, discusses the gender wage gap in optometry in this video interview. Wage gaps at the high level, are the differences between what two groups of individuals are paid. Generally, gender wage gaps are discussed in the binary, …

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Pathways to Leadership in Corporate Optometry

Navigating your optometry career can sometimes feel impossible. We gathered some of the biggest names in the eyecare industry to discuss their career journeys and how they reached their positions of leadership in corporate optometry. Erinn Morgan, Editor-in-Chief of Eyecare Business and Corporate Optometry Today, moderates a panel including: Dr. …

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Top Ten Things to Know About Optometry in Nigeria

Nigeria, the giant of Africa, is a country in West Africa with 36 states and one Federal Capital Territory. The first optometric professional program in Nigeria first started at the University of Benin in 1972; it was established in the faculty of science by the late Dr. Paul Olekanma Ogbuehi. …

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A Complete Guide to Eyeglass World Subleases

Complete Guide to Eyeglass World Subleases

This is a sponsored post by National Vision, proud supporters of NewGradOptometry and new graduate optometrists 😎 Introduction In the 2018 Corporate Optometry survey conducted by CovalentCareers, 32.7% of optometry students who indicated that they were unlikely to choose corporate optometry as a preferred practice modality stated that the main …

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What’s the Average Starting Salary for Optometrists in 2019?

What's the Average Starting Salary for Optometrists

Newly graduated optometrists embarking on their first year of clinical practice can potentially make a wide starting salary range depending on their practice modality and professional goals. Some new grads already have job opportunities waiting for them, while others prefer additional training through residency in a particular discipline(s). In this …

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Optometry Employee or Independent Contractor

optometry employee or independent contractor

“Should I be filling out a W2 or 1099?” The dividing line between optometry employee or independent contractor can feel easily blurred, but in a conversation with Dr. Matt Geller, CPA Gary Topple and CFP Adam Cmejla go into detail about what employees and employers can do to make the …

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