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Letter From Vistakon® Head of Professional Affairs on UPP

MILLICENT L. KNIGHT, O.D., CHC, FAARM HEAD OF PROFESSIONAL AFFAIRS POST OFFICE BOX 10157 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 32247-0157 904/443-1152 E-mail: mknight5@its.jnj.com Dear Colleague: Right now a battle is being waged legislatively across this country challenging Johnson & Johnson’s unilateral pricing policy (UPP) established in July 2014. These policies were created to ensure that …

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Understanding Acuvue Contacts and Ultraviolet Light

This is a sponsored post by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., a supporter of NewGradOptometry & new graduate optometrists! 😎  The harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) light on the eyes have been known for a very long time. There is concrete evidence in the world’s literature to support the fact …

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My 5 Favorite Contact Lenses for 2014

In this go-to contact lens guide, I have attempted to generate a very short list of my favorite lenses to rectify common complaints and satisfy certain lifestyles of patients. My Favorite Contact Lenses for Dry Eye It is difficult to ignore the strides Alcon has made in the daily wear arena. Their …

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