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Patient Communication Tips for Optometrists

Mario di Cosmo OD

Dr. Mario Di Cosmo shares patient communication tips for optometrists. Communication is everything. When it comes to communication in your practice and with patients, effective communication should begin with building a personal connection with the patient. By building a personal connection, this will allow you to speak their language, and …

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How to Survive a Pediatric Optometry Exam

how to survive a pediatric optometry exam

Working at a family private practice, I have the great opportunity to see patients of all ages. But there’s something fun and exciting when it comes to seeing patients in a pediatric optometry exam. Their excitement to read letters because they’re a “big kid” now; watching the parents silently reading …

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Here Is How You Should Be Mediating Clinic Arguments

Conflict in the workplace can decrease productivity and waste valuable time and energy that you and your staff could otherwise focus on running a smoothly operating clinic. The burden of managing conflict falls on everyone within the office, and resolution should be a collective effort. Conflict takes on many forms, …

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