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Navigating the Costs of Contact Lenses

Our goal as optometrists is to help our patients see better. We want to find a solution that accomplishes this goal while making the patient happy. Sometimes, the main barrier is the cost. The costs of contact lenses – are they worth the price? Upon hearing the initial price of …

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Clinical Pearls From National Vision’s 2019 Continuing Education Symposium

National Vision's 2019 Continuing Education Symposium

This article was written in collaboration with National Vision, a proud supporter of NewGradOptometry and new graduate optometrists. Clinical Pearls From National Vision’s 2019 Continuing Education Symposium Introduction by Antonio Chirumbolo, OD. Optometry continuing education is something that simply comes with the job. After graduating from optometry school, you are …

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Holistic Medicine in Optometry

What is holistic medicine? Dr. Richardson views holistic medicine as medical care that goes beyond the physical ideology; as a practitioner, you can treat, along with signs and symptoms that can be viewed clinically, the patient’s mind, body, and spirit. These alternative treatment ideologies can be integrated into your practice; …

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Equipping Your Practice to Bring an End to High Myopia

  The industry’s understanding of myopia, including its causes and factors that contribute to its progression, is still very limited. As with any new research or technology, learning to adapt these updates into a practice can be a slow process. However, while research continues to evolve and new information becomes …

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A Guide To Multifocal Contact Lenses

It’s 4:45 PM at the end of a long day and in your mind you’re halfway out the door — until you see the chief complaint on your next chart. “55-year-old with decreased vision in their monovision contacts.” You picture your hands shaking as you hold loose lenses in front …

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