Why You Should Sign Up for the Allergan JumpStart Program

As a new OD, it’s in your best interest to utilize all the tools and resources available to you. However, whether you’re in your final year of optometry school or have been practicing for a few years, the number of optometry related articles and resources floating around the web can be overwhelming. Pharmaceutically, I have found that the Optometry JumpStart program by Allergan is an outstanding resource to add to your repertoire.


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Launched in 2012, the Allergan JumpStart program is a testament to Allergan’s dedication to supporting newly graduated optometrists. To date, 2,550 new graduates and optometry students have registered for this program. A two year program that starts in August of your graduating year, JumpStart has some tremendous benefits to offer:

  • Immediate access to artificial tear samples (Refresh) and enrollment in prescription production sample.
    • It may take a month or two for approval to receive prescription samples.
  • Two years of complimentary access to the 3D vision simulator iPad app from Eyemaginations, Inc.
    • A tool providing you with visual demonstrations of 8 common ocular diseases states for patient education use in the exam room
  • A dedicated Allergan inside sales representative providing you with the latest information on their pharmaceutical products and access to special patient assistant and practice support programs
  • Invitations to speaker programs delivered by industry leaders (nationally and in your area)
  • An optometry dedicated newsletter

In my opinion, signing up for the Allergan JumpStart Program is a no brainer! The two years of free utilization of the 3D vision simulator iPad app from Eyemaginations, Inc. is an amazing resource for new ODs.  My inside sales representative reached out to me mid-August of the year in which I enrolled in the program. As a new practitioner, I felt the information provided was extremely valuable. Furthermore, establishing relationships with industry pharmaceutical leaders, such as Allergan, will help you evolve professionally.

Lastly, if you have been practicing for 2 years or less and haven’t registered, it’s not too late to receive the benefits of the Allergan JumpStart Program. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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