How Rev360 Is Supporting Independent Optometry

Dr. Scott Jens, co-founder and CEO of Rev360, talks what Rev360 is doing to support independent optometry in this video interview.

As Rev360 begins developing the next generation of software services, the focus is not only on improving ways to document patient care, but also to make it easier to pull up information. Rev360 wants eye care professionals to “feel less like computer typists and more like doctors,” Dr. Jens says.

Rev360’s newest product, RevAdvance, is designed to help customers and ECPs better manage practice transitions, whether from end of career transitions or doctor to associate transitions. As practices continue to consolidate, Rev360 is launching RevAdvance to help practices maintain their independence and a continuity of care for their patients. “We’ll continue to drive the practice together to a new level,” Dr. Jens explains.

By investing in practices and assuming a majority ownership position, Rev360 helps practices secure their position in the community. “Doctors still see their patients in their practice,” Dr. Jens clarifies, “with our support in a cooperative business model.” Even though Rev360 has a controlling share, its approach allows for more independence for practices than the alternative, where “somebody else drives it, the doctor’s fully employed and has no take of the year-end cash distributions,” Dr. Jens explains. “That’s not our model.”

Dr. Jens concludes by calling Rev360’s approach a “disruptive model” meant to change the way practices operate, and points out that this is a new model which doctors and Rev360 can build together. By partnering with NewGradOptometry and CovalentCareers, Rev360 gives new graduates more options for building their optometry practices and continue to support independent optometry.

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