How Rev360 Helps Eye Care Practices Stay Competitive In Their Optical

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New companies are changing the way our patients purchase contact lenses, spectacle lenses, frames, and even services.

Whether it’s by offering reduced costs, a larger selection, or leveraging image and marketing, there are many companies influencing where and how our patients are spending their eye care dollars.

It can be frustrating as a practice owner to see your patients request their prescriptions to walk out your door to do business with these companies. But you should ask yourself, “Why are my patients going to these competitors instead of my optical?”

In an effort to give practice owners the tools to stay competitive in their optical, Rev360 developed twelve84, a turn-key eyewear solution that is exclusive to Rev360 practices.

twelve84 is a turn-key eyewear solution that provides your patients a unique, high quality eyewear collection at an affordable price, while also providing your practice a compelling “in-house” brand story, healthy profit margins and incredible ordering efficiencies, all enabled directly within RevolutionEHR. The twelve84 brand cannot be found online or with direct to consumer companies – encouraging your patients to purchase from you instead of looking elsewhere to fill their prescriptions.

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A twelve84 Success Story

Dr. Chad Fleming was an early adopter of twelve84 at his practice in Wichita, Kansas. His optical sold 70 pairs of glasses to cash-paying customers in one month.

Here he shares his experience with twelve84 in his practice so far:

1) What was the primary reason you decided to implement twelve84?

We had the opportunity to have a company buy our frame board out 2 years ago and manage our board. We purchased frames as we sold them and reduced our inventory dollars by thousands. The company that was managing our frame boards is transitioning away from that business model and we have been restructuring the optical to find companies that are willing to work on a consignment type model. twelve84 was a good fit for us.

2) How have you marketed the frame/lens package in your optical?

We have one board dedicated to twelve84. We present the option to all patients as our “in-house” brand that is bundled. Since it’s bundled, the pricing is a great value and is very competitive with the artificially high pricing managed vision plans have created. Patients have been very surprised that they can get a complete pair for what they would spend for lenses alone.

3) What are the main benefits of utilizing twelve84?

The reduced workload for staff after the sale. With most managed vision plans, the increased workload entering in orders and processing the sale is frustrating, as it is time consuming and complicated. twelve84 is simple, and staff and patients love that.

4) What demographic of patients has twelve84 been most successful in capturing?

All demographics that can wear their frames. Since they are relatively new, their frames have yet to be broadened to fit petite faces and children; otherwise, we have been successful with all ages and socioeconomic levels.

5) Even though patients cannot use managed vision care plans to purchase these packages, have you still managed to capture these patients?

Most of our capture rate are patients who are “shoppers.” It is easy to capture managed vision care patients in the optical but those who pay cash are much more difficult because they don’t feel entitled to a pair of glasses at the optical that takes their managed vision plan. I’ve been surprised that we already have patients who have managed vision plans that pass those up to buy twelve84. Our contact lens patients with managed vision plans find twelve84 to be a great option.

6) Is there a particular way you market twelve84 to managed vision care plan patients?

It is all in the first three minutes when the optical staff set the expectations for the patient. They are trained to introduce themselves, explain that the patient has two choices (managed vision plan or in-house), describe how the selection process will occur, then conclude that the patient can then choose if they want to extend their warranty.

7) Has using twelve84 streamlined ordering for your optical staff?

Yes, it’s literally two clicks. Rev360’s Smartflow technology processes twelve84 orders directly from RevolutionEHR.  It’s extremely easily.

8) How has patient feedback been on twelve84 products?

95% acceptance rate.

We have one who is not adapting because they had been used to a shorter corridor progressive. Our engineers and highly particular patients are pointed towards the highest end product that we offer, so selection of patients is important. twelve84 is great for 90% of patients in regards to ophthalmic lens, so steering the very picky away from them is key. The only reason is that the progressive of twelve84 appears to be a good digital progressive but not the highest end available on the market. Still a very good workhorse PAL.

9) What kind of efficiencies has twelve84 generated in your practice?

Less time picking out glasses for staff and patients. The pricing model of twelve84 narrows the choice to two. This is fast and does not require adding more money to the total, just opt in or out of lens options. Once the patient picks the frame, the staff spends limited time entering the order, which saves a lot of time when working with 20 patients in a day per optical staff.

It is no secret that the optical is oftentimes the main source of revenue for a practice, so equipping our optical the best we can is critical to preserving the health of our practices.

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