Practicing Optometry in the Real World – Interview with Dr. Benjamin Arthur

Finding the right fit in terms of a work environment as a new grad OD is one of the most important, yet one of the most challenging and often frustrating things to do.

For most of us, it takes some missteps and unfortunate experiences to eventually arrive at a somewhat acceptable place to practice. Nothing really prepares us for these experiences and usually most people cannot escape or avoid them.

Unfortunately there are employers who will take advantage of your inexperience and will attempt to use that to their advantage. Some of them will make promises they will not keep which can make your work experience more difficult. However, the overall value of that whole experience is worth more than just its outcome.

My best advice for the new graduate preparing to practice optometry in the real world, is to believe in the power of ink and to insist that all negotiations, agreements, and promises be documented because that is the only way they are enforceable.  Steer clear of fraud or any hint of it because if it looks too good to be true then simply believe that it is. Finally, allow yourself to make a few mistakes, but commit to learning through those mistakes and do not repeat them. Learn to forgive others who try to use you because that is the way you can free your heart to grow and to be successful.

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