Optometry Finance, Marketing & Success for New Grads – Google Hangout

Becoming a successful optometrist requires a unique blend of excellent patient care and sharp business acumen.

Our next Google Hangout will offer you great insights into how these two necessary skills can be developed simultaneously and how they will allow you to attain financial and professional success throughout your career.

We are honored to host Dr. Patrick J. Pirotte, OD, FCOVD during this upcoming hangout.

August 11th 2016 @ 5:00 pm PST

Dr. Pirotte owns a thriving private practice in Wichita, Kansas specializing in primary care, pediatric optometry and vision therapy. He lectures nationally and internationally on behalf of the American Optometric Association and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

Dr.-Patrick-J.-PirotteIn addition to advocating for our profession, Dr. Pirotte enjoys being an educator and currently serves as adjunct faculty at the Northeastern State University College of Optometry in Oklahoma, the University of Missouri-St. Louis School of Optometry, and the Illinois College of Optometry.

Dr. Pirotte is passionate about helping students and young optometrist learn how to get the most out of their careers while serving their patients and strengthening our profession.

He believes that the best way to ensure the success of our profession is by investing in the success of our young and future optometrists.

Topics that we will cover during this Hangout include:

  1. Understanding the need for excellent patient communication, both written and oral.
  2. Understanding the financial aspects of practice and debt management.
  3. Developing clinical guides and processes for success.
  4. Marketing and promoting vision therapy outside your practice.

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Interested in learning more personal finance basics for optometrists? Check out our video and download our free financial tools!

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