Optometrist Laser Training

Optometrist laser training is becoming increasingly more prominent.

Laser procedures are quickly becoming a service either offered by optometrists, or at the very least, co-managed with ophthalmology. Because of this, optometry students today are undergoing training with lasers in school. Optometrist laser training is becoming more commonly available at externship sites in fourth year of optometry school.

Learn more about optometrist laser training in this article and video.

To get more comfortable with lasers, optometry students can leverage residencies that are immersive in the realm of lasers. This laser training is valuable for several reasons.

Regardless of whether or not you are performing laser procedures yourself, having knowledge of lasers is good for your practice. Dr. Katie Rachon receives many referrals from other optometrists who want to know if a particular patient is a good candidate for a laser procedure.

Additionally, depending on where you practice, and what kind of training you received, you can certainly perform certain laser procedures yourself in office, which adds a completely new dynamic to the services you can provide patients.

If you currently practice in a state that does have laser privileges, obtaining expanding scope approval is highly encouraged and generally involves an immersive training program under a preceptor.

Check out scope of practice in every state in this infographic.

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