STAT Eye Consult – The Newest Education Tool to Succeed in Clinical Practice

One of the most exciting times in a doctor’s career is the transition from school to real-world clinical practice.

For the first time, you are on your own, ready to put all the years of education to work, with the hope of improving patient lives. Simultaneously, it can be daunting to realize that the safety net of trusted professors and colleagues may no longer be readily available.

It takes time to gain confidence practicing independently while creating a new support system.

Enter: STAT Eye Consult, the newest concierge educational tool for eye care professionals in clinical practice.

STAT Eye Consult is an interactive website where general eye care professionals have access to sub-specialists who can answer specific clinical questions that come up, anytime, anywhere.

Users can pose clinical questions to subspecialty optometrist and ophthalmologists in an anonymous case-based fashion. By asking questions about complex cases, unusual clinical findings, and testing procedures, the goal is to refine a clinician’s knowledge base.

Register through and receive 1 free case submission in order to try it out!

Responses include details on the differential diagnoses of each presentation along with suggestions on what testing and treatments could be helpful for each scenario provided.

This platform is designed to be a service for high-level, personalized education between providers.

With the fast pace changes in practice patterns, scope of practice, technology advancement, and new drugs available, STAT Eye Consult offers easy, accessible, and affordable communication between eye care professionals that will keep eye care specialists up-to-date to provide the best patient care possible.

This tool provides access to a unique archive of interesting cases, and importantly, allows easy transfer of knowledge without having to leave the office or stop clinical practice. We save providers time by easily allowing access to all different specialists whenever needed.

For the first time, this disruptive platform will allow a new provider a tool to relax, gain experience, and focus on building the type of practice desired.

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