Navigation Guide to Health Care Reform for Independent Optometrists

Let’s cut to the chase. Every once in a while a big industry player sponsors a FREE report for all eye care professionals. Today a new report was just launched!

Other than the one I am about to tell you about, one of my favorite free reports is the Management & Business Academy sponsored by Essilor & Alcon – Download it here.

These reports take an extremely long time to put together and they are extremely accurate. You can base an entire year of optometric decision making off of something like this.

Every company covers a different topic and this year Review of Optometric Business and Vision Source are covering health care reform. (thank god, because I am freakin’ lost when it comes to this stuff!)

By the way, Vision Source is North America’s largest network of independent optometrists consisting of nearly 3,500 eye care industry influencers. In a nutshell, its the largest and most powerful practice alliance.

The ROB / Vision Source Navigation Guide

Review of Optometric Business has published a comprehensive 16-page report, the “Navigation Guide to Health Care Reform for Independent Optometrists,” sponsored by Vision Source®. ROB Registered readers can download the full report for FREE.

Review of Optometric Business is an awesome site by the way. A good friend of mine, Al Greco is one of the main guys behind the publication. He is a veteran in optometry so I would take this report seriously!

The Navigation Guide identifies major trends in health care reform and the implications of these on the optometric profession. In addition, the report cites strategy imperatives and provides a series of action plans for ODs to flourish in the fluid health care reform environment.

First-time visitors to can register here. Registration is free and allows access to the Navigation Guide as well as many more practice building resources.

Click Here to Get The Navigation Guide

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By the way, our team will be glad to discuss with everyone some of the details of the report. Just comment below!

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