How to Make Some Extra Cash as an Optometrist ($75 to be exact)

As a note, this survey ended on August 10th 2015. It filled up extremely quickly. The NGO team will do everything possible to deliver more surveys!!


When I graduated 2 years ago, I was looking for any way to make some extra cash. I was seeing patients and probably making something around $40/hr and while this was good money, I needed more to help me through the transition.

Cell phone bills, continuing education costs, licensing, rent payments, groceries, you name it, I was putting it on my credit card.

I decided to write some articles for some major optometry publications and do some speaking events to bring in extra cash. One unexpected way I brought in some extra money was through completing online eye care surveys. Sometimes I could do about two of them a week, helping to bring in an extra $100/week.

Have you ever completed an online survey for optometry? If not, you should because they pay very well and your feedback is super important for ophthalmic companies!

So I was doing around 2 surveys a week and decided to ask some friends at the major ophthalmic companies what they thought. Apparently, these surveys are EXTREMELY valuable for product development and new iterations on products and services. Ophthalmic and pharmaceutical companies find it difficult to get honest feedback about how well they are performing. This is where the surveys come in. It gives them invaluable feedback on their products and services.

In other words – these surveys are critical for the development of the profession.

Earn $75 with this contact lens survey survey

An opportunity recently crossed paths with and we had the chance to offer an EXCLUSIVE survey, just for new grads! I snatched up the opportunity because I wanted our readers to reap the benefits before anyone else could.

This survey has some pretty simple goals…

We want to better understand the perceptions of contact lens manufacturers among optometrists who have recently graduated from optometry school/are new to practice. 

  • Understand recent optometry grads preference for contact lens manufacturers and association with various performance attributes
  • Determine what drives perceptions of contact lens manufacturers among recent optometry grads
  • Understand recent optometry grads preference for contact lens brands and association with various performance attributes
  • Determine what drives perceptions of contact lens brand across lens categories among recent optometry grads

Tips for this survey

  • Be honest – the feedback you provide goes on to create the FUTURE of contact lenses, so be honest because it will come full circle.
  • Don’t go too fast – these surveys are smart and their algorithms pick out who is going too fast or answering without regard for the questions.

What do you think? Are you ready to earn a quick $75 from this survey? Also, do you want me to post more of these opportunities? If so, share this post, comment or contact us!

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Matthew Geller
Dr. Matt Geller is a technology entrepreneur with a track record of developing successful online platforms to solve problems in the healthcare space. Matt is an optometrist in San Diego and is the founder of, and the co-founder of!


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    Thank you! I would definitely like to know about more survey opportunities!

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