Know These Metrics Before You Join an Optometry Practice

On September 18th 2014, the Executive Team held a round table discussion live at Vision Expo West. It was sponsored by Allergan OPTOMETRY JUMPSTART and the Vision Expo Young Professionals Club.

I recently wrote an article about how to land your dream career at an optometry practice. One of the things I talked about was making a business plan / pitch to the owner in order to show them that you are a worthy investment. In order to make a pitch, you need to know about their practice.

Here is a list of questions I came up with to help you learn more about an optometry practice you want to join, some of which were sourced from a practice management course at MCO. Send them to the employer and you will know everything about their practice.

In all honesty, I only asked my practice owner some of these questions. Knowing all the answers would have been extremely helpful! You can use this list of metrics to determine the health, financials and operating structure of an optometry practice. You can also use it for your own practice to determine its health.

Description of Practice

  • Describe the local community.
  • What is the patient base like?
  • Schedule for each OD?
  • Schedule for each staff?
  • What does each OD specialize in?
  • Square footage of office?
  • Square footage of the dispensary?
  • Square footage of pre-test room?

Practice Metrics

  • How many complete eye exams are performed by your practice in a year?
  • What is the length of a typical eye exam? (mins)
  • How far ahead are vision exams booked?
  • How many weeks are doctors booked out?
  • What services are offered? (other than typical eye exams)

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