If Patient Care is Your Thing, Consider Corporate Optometry

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As a new grad optometrist, I left school with one focus: to help people.

As I searched for jobs and researched companies, I was impressed by the mission of National Vision, Inc. Its mission is to provide care to those that may not receive it otherwise, which resonated with my own values. Now that I am part of the National Vision network, I must say that the mission holds true; my only role as an optometrist here is to provide the best possible care to each patient. So if patient care is your thing, consider corporate optometry!

Optometrists that are part of the National Vision network have one focus: seeing patients.

This is easy to do when we don’t have to worry about things like:

  • opening the practice
  • scheduling patients
  • calling patients to remind them about their appointment or to let them know their glasses are ready
  • pulling charts
  • managing business inquiries

We are even spared the little hassles that rarely escape private practice optometrists, like worrying about insurance, ordering frames, and managing staff members. Each National Vision store has processes that are strictly followed by the retail associates. The structure is fantastic in that it enables optometrists to truly work as optometrists; everyone has a role, and does it well, making us more effective and efficient as a whole.

When it comes to equipment, tools, and resources, everything is provided to us.

Including our number one asset on a day-to-day basis: our optometric technician. The tech at the office goes through a certification process, which makes us feel confident entrusting pre-test results with them. This allows me to spend less time focusing on patients’ basic pre-test results, and more time addressing primary complaints and red flags. We are also able to train our techs to fit our specific styles and preferences.

My colleagues and I have all the equipment we need, from fundus lenses to foreign body removal kits. Knowing that we have a constant supply is liberating. We are truly able to spend our time practicing the way we want and are never restricted due to lack of resources or support.

We don’t have to worry about management or front desk issues, a major reason to consider corporate optometry.

Instead, we arrive at work stress-free, see our patients, and provide the best care possible. Then after the last exam of the day, we can head home with no worries about closing the practice or finishing up with that last patient in the optical who hasn’t decided on his or her frames.

In fact, only a handful of times have I felt concerned when leaving work. One instance was because I had a patient with a retinal detachment. But my concern was for the patient’s well-being, as he was only 25 years old, not because of business stress. Luckily our office has strong relationships with area practices, and he could see a retina specialist who performed an operation the next morning. Our excellent referral network helps get patients the right care in an efficient manner when it’s needed. This is a huge perk, especially for new grads like me, who haven’t had the opportunity to develop relationships needed to build a trusted group of specialists for referrals, from the ground up.

I cannot say it enough: the best part about working as an optometrist affiliated with National Vision is that our only job is seeing patients. For someone who truly loves optometry, it’s a dream come true.

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About Joseph Wadas

Joseph Wadas
I am a Salus 2016 graduate and passionate about delivering great eye care to my patients! I've been affiliated with National Vision since July and I am currently a float doctor in New Jersey working at America's Best offices!

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