Humana Vision Plan – How To Join

Before you join Humana Vision Plan you will need

  • CAQH Number
  • Employers Tax ID number

Application Style for Humana Vision Plan

  • Phone Call and Physical Paperwork
  • CAQH Database

Directions to Join Humana Vision Plan

  1. Join Human Vision Plan by calling the credentialing department directly – 866-374-8805
  2. They will take some basic information from you and then either have a representative call you directly or e-mail you the paperwork you need.
  3. Have the Tax ID Number (TIN) aka Employer Identification Number (EIN) ready to go.
  4. Have your CAQH number ready to go.
  5. Once you get the paperwork, fill everything out and wait for a response, it should take no longer than a few weeks.
  6. If you are having problems or have questions, call Humana Provider Relations at – 1-800-626-2741

FAQ About Humana Vision Plan

  • If you are an associate or independent contractor in a practice – the TIN and EIN should be that of the practice so just ask the owner.
  • If you are a solo practitioner in your own practice you will need to apply for a TIN/EIN number. Click here to go to the IRS website, you can apply online.
  • Here is their website –
  • Here is their Provider Relations Phone Number – 1-800-626-2741
  • Here is the Credentialing Department Phone Number – 1-866-374-8805

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