How To Register for CAQH as an Optometrist

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Author: Matthew Geller O.D.

Registering for CAQH as an optometrist makes life a lot easier to become a provider on insurance plans as an optometrist. Both medical and vision plans use CAQH in their credentialing process.

The hard part is getting onto CAQH as an optometrist. It can take almost 2 hours to fill out all the information they need.

What is CAQH

CAQH stands for the “Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare”. CAQH does a bunch of stuff but today we are focused on their CAQH ProView, the next generation of UPD – “Universal Provider Datasource.” ProView allows optometrists and other healthcare professionals in all 50 states to enter all of their information free-of-charge into a secure database. You, and only you, now have the power to authorize healthcare organizations, on a one-by-one basis, to access all of that information. In summary – the CAQH ProView eliminates redundant paperwork and reduces administrative workload.

My Experience with CAQH

  • Difficult to get started
  • Takes a very long time to complete
  • Frustrating to upload “supporting documents”
  • Big learning curve
  • Makes life A LOT easier once you are done (and that is what matters)
  • Overall a GREAT tool and well worth it

CAQH Contact Information

Phone: CAQH Support Desk at 1-888-599-1771


Help Desk hours: 7am-9pm ET Monday – Thursday and 7am-7pm ET on Fridays

Supporting documents should be faxed toll-free to 1-866-293-0414

Step-By-Step Guide To Register for CAQH

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Matthew Geller
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  1. FYI, you no longer have to wait for an insurance company to provide an ID and you can apply for an ID on the CAQH website without being credentialed yet.

    • I just found this out as well, except it’s the opposite of what this article says. VSP now expects us to already have a CAQH ID. I can’t find a place to apply for it on the CAQH website. VSP is trying to help me do this. Lauren, if you can point me to where on the website I can apply, please let me know. Thanks.

  2. Warren Ansaldo

    Is there any way for a new graduate to finish this without having a practice location? I just received my license today, but one of the places I’m applying to wants me to provide my CAQH. It seems like a catch 22. I can’t finish my CAQH application without getting hired first and I can’t finish my job application without completing the CAQH. Please advise.

    • Antonio Chirumbolo

      You can use your home address until your practice address is finalized and then update it. I believe that is what I did. Hope that helps!

      • Nicole Kohan

        I’m an independent contractor now at a few locations but I’m looking for a full time gig or something at least 1/2 the week permanently to make my home. Should I wait until I know where this will be before doing the CAQH? I spoke with an OD today who told me to do this process asap to get the credentialing process going for insurance panels but I don’t really have a main practice yet so I cannot fill out big chunks of the PDF…what to do??

        • Matthew Geller

          Hey Nicole,

          The OD you spoke to is correct; you want to do it ASAP. This advice is debatable, but I would just list any of the practices you are contracting with. The purpose is just to get on CAQH, not have it be perfect and beautiful looking. Furthermore, CAQH is incredibly easy to update. You can change it at any time. So when that full-time practice comes along, just switch it up!

          Legally and ethically, I believe this is totally ok, but I would do your own due diligence and make sure. CAQH doesn’t say “this must be a practice where you spend ‘x’ hours per week” so I think it should be ok.

          Hope this is helpful.

  3. Michelle Biaggi

    A few questions. Where do I enter NBEO certification (and is this necessary if it not a red asterisk field)? Is there a benefit to uploading the W-9, state license and insurance policy since these are not required?

  4. Cemone Khan-Nakagawa

    Can I apply for a NPI number and register for CAQH without a practice address yet? I just got licensed in California and have not started working yet. I would prefer not to use my home address.

  5. Erick Henderson

    Jut for clarification on the NBEO issues. Unless you pass the NBEO-BC examination or the ABO examination, and optometrist is not board certified. The the Part I, II, and III of NBEO are not board examinations, they are licensure examinations. There is a lot of confusion around this topic since the licensure examination is administered but the NBEO. The NBEO exam is like the USMLE exam, not Board Certification in a specialty.

  6. Tanya Ayzikovich

    How do I know if my state requires a DEA number?

  7. Kesha Patel


    I Currently work for MyEyeDr, and they take care of getting me on insurance panels. However, Im starting my own practice at a LensCrafter starting next month. Do I need to fill out a new CAQH form and get on insurance panels that way with my new tax id and EIN, or am I already on all these insurances and just need to contact the companies?


    ps Myeyedr never gave me any CAQH logins or information.

  8. Sylvia Chen

    Do I need to get mt medicare number before I apply CAQH? Or can i update CAQH later?

  9. Lynn Nguyen

    Is CAQH Proview the only thing you need to do when you change jobs?? If not, how do you change your insurance to a different location? Thanks

    • Antonio Chirumbolo

      Hi Lynn, you will need to update your CAQH with your new practice location and unfortunately, yes, you will also need to update every single insurance panel with your new location as well. Fortunately, they can usually just switch or attach a location pretty seamlessly and it usually doesn’t take months to get on board as if you were starting from scratch.

  10. Thien Nguyen

    I am working as independent contractor at my current place, and they already took care of getting me on insurance panels. However, I’m starting my own practice as a sublease at ForEye starting next month. They also helping me on the credentialing. Do I still need to apply to become a provider for the insurances that I am planning to accept. This is my new transition from working for someone to my own practice; therefore, I don’t have much experiences on this insurance transition. I am still searching around for some resources of this new transition. Any resources for this new transition will be appreciated.
    Thank You.

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