How to Develop Practice Autonomy and Unparalleled Patient Loyalty

Most private practitioners dream about developing practice autonomy and unparalleled patient loyalty to achieve success.

This can also help you generate more revenue and power your practice to new heights!

On February 1st, we hosted a Live Webinar via YouTube where a seasoned practitioner and a recent graduate revealed how they continue to evolve and increase the success of their practice.

Nick Despotidis opened his private practice 30 years ago with his partner, Barry Tannen. Together, with their 3rd partner Ivan Lee, have grown their single location to one of the largest, most successful practices in the country. To accommodate their growth, they’ve recently introduced their 4th full time doctor, Noah Tannen.

In this webinar, Nick and Noah answer questions on what it takes to create a practice that provides fulfillment inside and outside of optometry.

Many eye care practitioners fall victim to the same trap—accepting vision plans and receiving unfair reimbursement for their services.

Optometrists can find themselves measuring their success based on patient numbers at the expense of focusing on practice development.

Their eyeglass sales are down with the rise of commercial and online retailers and they need a way to set themselves apart from the pack.

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This is where specialty services come in.

At their practice, two main specialty services are offered: vision therapy and corneal reshaping.

Believe it or not, these services have much in common. Both services:

  • treat visual conditions that will not improve on their own
  • cater primarily to children
  • provide high value for patients
  • are not often covered by insurance

In addition, both have a high barrier to entry, require extra training and resources, and require time to explain each service to parents. Time that’s not often available, if you’re running from one exam room to another.

It is not easy to incorporate these services into your practice, but the benefits far outweigh the risks.

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Establishing these specialties will provide you with practice autonomy, respect and appreciation, higher income, and overall better quality of life.

The specialty should fulfill your value as a provider and free you from the mercy of vision plans.

The key is focus.

Choose a single specialty, focus your time and energy on that specialty, and grow it into a thriving profit center. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything!

If you have any specific questions, you can visit their workshop:

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