How Optometrists Can Market To Millennials

We talked with Dr. Jennifer Lyerly, co-founder of Defocus Media, on how optometrists can market to millennials.

Dr. Lyerly shares her top tips and strategies for marketing to millennials and advertising your practice to younger patients.

“Any business thrives on word of mouth,” Dr. Lyerly explains, “and in today’s digital world, word of mouth is social media.”

Besides actively using Facebook and Instagram to reach out to patients, practices should utilize tools such as Google AdWords, so that when patients search for common complaints, your optometry practice is among the top search results. While this approach does take some initial investment, if you invest your money wisely, using Google AdWords will pay off in the end.

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But Dr. Lyerly cautions doctors that they shouldn’t invest in search terms that are heavy on clinical jargon or terms that patients don’t already know.

“Don’t bid on digital eye strain, it’s a waste of money,” she says, naming one example of a term doctors might search for, but patients might not. “Think like a patient,” she explains.

What are your patients complaining about? Listening to how they describe their own symptoms gives you insight into what kinds of search terms they might use.

“All your keywords on your websites, blogs, social media – make them in patient talk,” she says, “and that’s when you’ll get patients.”

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