Optometry Graduating Class – Resource List for After Graduation

It’s about time!

Congratulations on graduating from optometry school, but also for making it through countless years of traditional “schooling”. From this point in time and onward, the world is your blank canvas and the picture to paint is entirely up to you. I have seen some new grads circle-headflourish, and others stay stagnant. I firmly believe this is a conscious choice and one that only you control.

Some of you reading this will open cold. Others might begin consulting for the eyecare industry or even start a side business! The choice is yours, but one thing is for sure; whatever you choose be sure it makes you happy. Life is short, and life is precious. Enjoy it, but also live it wisely and carefully.

Attached is a resource list that will be helpful over the following six months post-graduation. It includes some valuable eBooks, videos, and resources. If there are any specific questions you have, just reply to the comments, and I can chat with you there!

Congratulations on graduation!

– Matt Geller O.D. | Founder NewGradOptometry.com

Comprehensive Post Graduation Guide – eBook

This is an amazing (several hundred) page ebook that goes over 95% of what you need to know after graduation. It’s simple, straightforward and to the point. Most of it is written in “Guide” and “step-by-step” format, and so it is extremely digestible. Bookmark this one for sure!


Download the ebook

The Simple Guide to Jobs After Optometry School – eBook

This is a 25-page ebook on everything “optometry jobs”. It covers a 4 step process of searching for jobs, drafting your resume, interviewing flawlessly, and closing the contract / negotiating with your employer. I highly recommend it even if you just want to read the chapter on negotiating!


Download the ebook

Finding Optometry Jobs

This is a great website for finding optometry jobs. You can create a professional profile and browse dozens of employers, applying for each job with a single click. Also, you can message employers who you match with!

Browse Jobs

Cover Letters for Optometrists (sample included)

Unlike a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, both of which use a fairly standard formula, an optometry cover letter is a little more ambiguous and challenging to write. But a strong first impression made by a stand out optometry cover letter can mean the difference between a great new job or residency, and your file going into the shredder. At least that is what we’ve been told.

Read The Cover Letter Guide

Licensing Guide For all 50 States

The following is meant to serve as a guide to help new graduates of optometry obtain the proper information to successfully complete the licensing application, for their optometry license based on state.

See The Guide

Scope of Practice in the USA

Here is an infographic showing optometry’s scope of practice in all 50 states. This can help you decide on where to practice.

See The Infographic

Guide to Continuing Education

This is a great guide by Ryan Corte O.D. on exactly how to go about fulfilling your CE requirements as a new graduate optometrist.

See The CE Guide

Artificial Tear Guide

Here is a giant list of artificial tears that optometrists commonly recommend. It compares brand names, active ingredients, class and preservatives of artificial tears.

Download the Guide

Glaucoma Medication Guide

This glaucoma medication compilation will help you choose the best drop for your patient, give you the information needed to readily answer any questions that come your way, and provide you with a quick reference when you need one.

Download the Guide

Ultimate Guide to VT Norms

When it comes to vision therapy, there are a lot of tests and norms to know. The following is a guide highlighting some of the most critical normative values to help you along your way!

Download the Guide

Topical Ophthalmic Medication Guide: Steroids and NSAIDs

The following is a topical ophthalmic medication guide summarizing steroids and NSAIDs. It includes concentrations and treatment tips.

Download the Guide

This Is Exactly How To Open an Optometry Practice Cold

This is a live Google Hangout with Dr. Robert Steinmetz and Dr. Eric Baas. They are awesome guys and founders of iCare Advisors, LLC.

Everything You Should Know About Optometrist Employment Contracts

Whether you’re an optometry practice owner or job candidate, understanding the terminology of an optometry employment contract is absolutely crucial. Many of us skim over the “boring stuff,” only looking at salary and paid time off (PTO), but this can come back to haunt us. The contract often spells out the terms of how an optometrist can practice, the duties and responsibilities of the position, tax implications (W2 vs W9), and critical information about what happens if the optometrist decides to leave the practice.

How To Buy In, or Buy Out an Optometry Practice

Finally, someone stepped up to the plate to comprehensively cover the topic of buying out an optometry practice or buying into an optometry practice.

The Basics of Tax W2 vs W9 – Interview with CPA Gary Topple

There is a big difference in tax obligations between an independent contractor and employee and w2 vs w9. Here is a video we did with Gary Topple CPA.

Panel Discussion About Optometry Careers

Check out this 1-hour panel discussion 3 optometrists, 1 attorney, and 1 physical therapist on the topic on optometry careers.

Graduation From Optometry School is Coming – Start Preparing Yourself

As optometry graduation day looms closer and closer, you’re probably brimming with questions about how to kickstart your optometry career in the best way possible. How should you network? Should you use a paper resume or electronic resume? This video covers the answers.

Congratulations on graduating from optometry school! Your transition from student to clinician begins now. It is up to you to continue to grow and advance not only your career but the entire profession. Discover what your true passion is, and bring that to work with you every day. There are countless ways to incorporate what truly makes you tick into this profession, which is the beauty of optometry.

It is our hope that the resources we have provided, and all of the content on NewGradOptometry.com helps you in this 20160205_Transitions_3099journey. Learn from your colleagues who have gone through this transition.

It can be frustrating and extremely challenging when first starting out, but that is why we are here. If you have specific questions or feel like there is a topic that we can focus on, please reply in the comments and we will be happy to get back to you. My real passion is helping all of my new and future colleagues, which is why I originally got involved in NewGradOptometry.com, and why I believe this is something special! We can all learn from each other!

Congratulations on graduation!

– Antonio Chirumbolo O.D. | Managing Editor NewGradOptometry.com

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