Google Hangout with Jesse Kahnk O.D. – How I Purchased 3 Optometry Practices in 3 Months

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profile_photo-190When Jesse Kahnk O.D. graduated from optometry school in May 2013, he didn’t have a clear path for his career.

He didn’t know what kind of optometrist he wanted to be.

He didn’t even really know if he had a job.

All Jesse knew is that someday he hoped to have a practice of his own.

In this webinar, Jesse Kahnk OD and Webinar Moderator, Matt Geller OD will take you through how Jesse purchased three optometry practices in 3 months. Also, we will take you through the best private practice and optical dispensary lessons that we have both learned thus far in our careers.

Google Hangout Information:

  • Guest: Jesse Kahnk OD
  • Date: November 7th, 2016
  • Time: 5:00pm – 6:00pm PST
  • RSVP: No RSVP needed
  • Link to Watch: Watch LIVE on YouTube!

Google Hangout Agenda:

  1. Let’s jump right into it; then we will backtrack. Tell us how you ended up with 3 Vision Source practices in 3 months.
  2. Tell us your background in eyecare. Did you ever think you would go down this route?
  3. Lots of people watching want to be in your shoes, what is your message to them? Is this possible or would you do it all different?
  4. What’s the most difficult part of opening a private practice?
  5. We recently surveys almost 300 new graduates and asked them “What would or did prevent you from starting your private practice?” and they 67% said debt, 13% said Lack of Business Management Skills, 11% said Identifying a desirable location, and 9% said access to financing. Can you touch on how some of this is perhaps “limiting belief”?
  6. How do you manage your optical dispensary to be a revenue generator for the business?
  7. How do you train and manage employees?
  8. With little access to optical education in optometry school, how did you learn all the important optical lessons that were critical to your practice? What are those lessons?
  9. What is your dispensing flow from doctor to purchase? How have you tweaked it for success over time?
  10. Do you have a “script” for prescribing certain lenses? I ask because it’s hard to transition from student to prescriber and we tend to downplay products that can be expensive but are what the patient needs.
  11. How do you make your practice stand out in your community? What are you doing to bring in new patients?

For more information, see Jesse’s blog article – Here’s How Vision Source Helped Me Purchase 3 Practices in 3 Months.

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