A Glaucoma Medication Reference Guide for the New Grad

updated 04/18/18

Glaucoma is one condition that every one of us will most likely encounter in our practice lifetime, often on a fairly regular basis, so here is a glaucoma medication downloadable guide!

Dr. Antonio Chirumbolo brought you a comparative list of artificial tears that conveniently sorted the seemingly endless array of options into a comprehensive and manageable index. The wonderful response to that post sparked the idea to do the same for glaucoma medication drops.

Glaucoma is one condition that every one of us will most likely encounter in our practice lifetime, often on a fairly regular basis. Whether you’re in an office with dozens of affected patients or in a setting in which you may only see a handful a month, it’s important to keep yourself familiar with the different treatment options currently available. Knowledge of the characteristics of the glaucoma medications you choose can make a difference in whether or not you achieve your treatment goals, and inevitably, your patients will ask you why you’ve placed them on a certain medication or question the side effects they read about in the product insert.

My hope is that this glaucoma medication compilation will help you choose the best drop for your patient, give you the information needed to readily answer any questions that come your way, and provide you with a quick reference when you need one.

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About Patricia Fulmer O.D.

Patricia Fulmer O.D.
Patricia is a 2012 graduate of The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry and former AOSA National Liaison to the AAO. After graduation, she moved to Amarillo, TX, to complete her residency in Ocular Disease and Primary Care at the Thomas E. Creek VA Hospital. Patricia is the current Center Director for VisionAmerica of Huntsville, a co-management practice specializing in secondary and tertiary care, cataract surgery, strabismus, and oculoplastics in Huntsville, AL. She recently earned her Fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry at the 2015 meeting in New Orleans. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, attending concerts, art, and Alabama football.


  1. Brittany Glatting

    I would appreciate an Excel version. Thank you for the great reference guides!

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