How To Get Credentialed In Optometry – YouTube Live

In a recent YouTube Live, we examined we looked into how to get credentialed in optometry.

Getting credentialed is tough, and can be very confusing! Did you know the credentialing process can vary drastically on your employment situation and classification??!! It is a necessary process however if you plan on seeing patients who want to use their insurance!

We hosted a YouTube Live with credentialing expertDr. Eric Botts, of Optometric Billing Consultants who shared all the steps from start to finish on how to get credentialed in optometry.  🎥

In this YouTube live, Dr. Botts shared a presentation, and we talked about and answered questions from viewers about:

  • How to get an NPI number and knowing which kind of NPI number to get
  • CAQH and how to go about registering
  • Tax IDs and what the best way to obtain one is
  • How credentialing differs for your first job, your next job, or if you open your own office
  • How to choose what vision and medical plans to participate with
  • The nitty gritty of the application process

If you want more information on how to get credentialed in optometry, check out this beginner’s guide and infographic, and check out answers to some common credentialing questions.

the guide to optometry credentialing

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