First Annual Contact Lens Madness 2016


January marks contact lens month for NGO.

Our goal is to bring you content that can provide you with information and clinical pearls you can utilize as you grow in your career.

We also want to have some fun!

Think of this as a precursor to March Madness, just in the world of contact lenses.

There are so many contact lenses out there to choose from, and every contact lens has specific strengths and weaknesses.

There is no such thing as one contact lens fits all; however, if there were one contact lens you had to choose for your patient, which would it be?

This poll focuses on single vision daily wear lenses. We’ll poll our users once a week, and the victors will proceed until a winner is crowned.

Some things to consider in your decision:

  • Breathability
  • Comfort
  • Modulus
  • Cost


In an attempt to keep things as fair as possible, we wanted to focus on single class of contact lenses. We did not think it would be fair to match up daily or single use lenses against extended wear or conventional lenses.

Two lenses were given a Bye into the second round of voting. These lenses were selected based upon our team’s perception as the tournament favorites. (Obviously, that is extremely variable!)

The remaining contact lenses were drawn randomly against eachother.


Here you will find the tournament bracket, that will be updated weekly after the polls are closed. Polls will be open for 7 days each round. You can vote directly within this article.


What lens will reign supreme!? Vote now!

Round 1 Has Concluded. Check out the Quarterfinals and continue to vote!

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