Don’t Believe These Myths About Corporate Optometry


There is a profound misconception and lots of myths about corporate optometry.

The building that you practice optometry in, does not define your career status!

I have talked to a lot of doctors all over the country and at different levels in their careers, and a lot of corporate optometrists are really happy in their setting!

My mission is to lay many of these rumors and myths about corporate optometry to rest.

There is no growth potential.

There is great growth potential in terms of income and career advancement.

Take advantage of the quality managers, sales reps and the executive team at your corporate office.

Learn what you can from them, there is a reason why they have that position and have proven to be successful.

Take that and apply it to your optometry practice.

If you are that person that wants to take their business to the next level, you have the ability to do so. I market my practice specifically in a way to attract patients that a corporate setting might not target.

You can’t make your own schedule or dictate your patient flow.

Remember not all corporate settings are the same. You know what you signed up for when you agreed to the terms, so do not complain.

The hours have been carefully selected to increase the potential for maximum patient load.

We need to accommodate our patients, otherwise they will find a doctor that will.

However, keep in mind, you are able to see patients every 30 minutes if you choose.

You do not have to feel stressed to take on extra patients, and you can take the time to develop a good doctor -patient relationship.

Corporate optometrists only refract.

Yet another one of those common myths about corporate optometry.

I’ve seen some great clinicians grow a medical optometry practice in a retail setting.

In fact, with increased patient load, and full schedules, more medical conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration oftentimes walk through our doors.

I’ve gotten pretty savvy with my alger brush and punctal plugs!

Another great addition to my practice was advanced technology like a GDX and fundus camera.

The ability to add technology and enhance the patient experience will grow any practice.

A corporate setting allows you to invest in new technology because of low overhead and an immediate solid patient base.

A corporate practice does not provide you with a retirement asset.

The retirement landscape has changed over the years.

Private practice owners should not rely on selling their practice to fund their retirements.

As a corporate affiliated optometrist, the brand you have developed means something and the patient records provide value to the practice.

With higher starting salaries, extra income that you have accumulated over the years, is income that you can use to invest and secure a comfortable retirement without worrying about selling your practice or other assets.

Don’t let these myths , sway your dreams of owning your own optometric office. Corporate optometry is a very viable path!

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Maria Sampalis
Dr. Maria Sampalis is the owner of Sampalis Eyecare in Warwick R.I. Dr Sampalis is a practice management consultant, the founder of Corporate Optometry on Facebook and founder of and She can be reached at

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