Crush Your Competition In Optometry

Competition is all around us.

To have a successful practice, you need to be prepared to differentiate yourself to crush competition.

This is no easy feat however.

There are many strategies on how to improve your practice, either by investing in technology, providing special services, or utilizing more effective marketing techniques.

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We had an opportunity to chat with Bryan Rogoff, OD, MBA, CPHM of EyeExec Consulting at Vision Expo East 2017  where Dr. Rogoff revealed some of the most important things practice owners can do to take their practices to the next level.

Differentiating is key when opening your own practice

Part of differentiation could be as simple as opening up a group practice in which each practitioner has a speciality.

In doing so, you need to really consider your demographic.

  • If you have a practice that will command an older population you better be able to provide low vision and rehabilitation services.
  • A practice that will see a lot of younger patients might benefit from offering sports vision and or vision therapy services.

Differentiation however is only one thing, because we are no longer just competing with other optometrists, we are competing with large corporations, drugstores, and other large retailers. These entities pose an entirely different arena of competition.

Providing services outside of optometry but within the scope of what we do is critical to compete against these giants.

You might want to consider focusing on or specializing in retailing. However, this sort of retailing is not just limited to glasses or contact lenses, you need to think bigger.

Producing the best patient and customer experience is paramount in patient retention. This involves a need to create a complete user experience for your patients.

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