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HR technology company provides “early access preview”
to the industry’s first online job matching tool


San Diego, CA – CovalentCareers, Inc., a California-based HR technology startup, has released an “early access preview” for the healthcare industry’s first online job matching platform. The new tool aims to revolutionize one of the biggest pain-points for healthcare practices across the United States – staffing. The preview gives employers and employees an overview of what the new platform will offer them, and allows users to register to be one of the first to use the system. The preview is live at 

The company describes their core product as a “job matching platform for eye care professionals.” The tool is designed to offer an alternative to the outdated concept of “job boards” that were originally developed in 1994 by NetStart, Inc. 

According to recent studies, the average job board success rate has been dropping since 2012, and they are only successful about 10% of the time today. On top of that, the average cost per hire in these cases is almost $1,700. Not only does CovalentCareers improve the efficiency and quality of matches, but it does so at a much lower cost, says Dr. Brett Kestenbaum, D.P.T. and Co-Founder of CovalentCareers.

The platform utilizes a proprietary matchmaking algorithm which analyzes data from employer and employee profiles to score and rank “best fit” matches. The algorithm considers key employment factors such as location, contract type (full-time, part-time or fill-in), specialty experience, corporate culture, personality and much more. 

In addition to the matching tool, the company also plans to offer a suite of web-based HR tools such as background checks, digital document storage, automated employment contract generators, on boarding tools, and more. The goal is to provide a solution to the variety of staffing and staff management problems that have plagued healthcare practices for years.

While the initial launch is designed for optometrists and optical staff, ophthalmologists and ophthalmic technicians will be incorporated in the coming months. Eventually, coverage will be extended to all healthcare industries. 

There will be a 28% increase in the number of optometrists graduating from 2012 to 2020 and optician employment is expected to grow by 23%. Without the proper mechanisms in place, employees are going to face significant challenges finding their ideal job opportunity. CovalentCareers is here to support these employees and employers in the most innovative ways possible, says Ryan Corte O.D. and Co-Founder of 

For individuals looking to hire or get hired as an optometrist or optician, early access registration is available now

About CovalentCareers, Inc.

CovalentCareers, Inc. is an HR technology startup co-founded in early 2014 by an entrepreneurial team of doctors and developers including Matt Geller O.D., Ryan Corte O.D., Brett Kestenbaum D.P.T., and Josh Geller. Offering the healthcare industry’s first online job matching tool, the company’s mission is to remove staffing and employment headaches by making it easy for healthcare professionals to hire new employees or find their next job. The startup earned a $2.2 million valuation after receiving a seed round of private equity funding in Q4 of 2014.


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Matthew Geller
Dr. Matt Geller is a technology entrepreneur with a track record of developing successful online platforms to solve problems in the healthcare space. Matt is an optometrist in San Diego and is the founder of, and the co-founder of!

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