Contact Lenses and Solutions for Digital Eye Strain

We talk with Dr. Jennifer Lyerly about treating millennials and using contact lenses and other solutions for digital eye strain you might not consider regularly.

Dr. Lyerly walks us through what an exam and various treatment solutions for these patients might look like, but highlights multifocal contact lenses as a solution for more patients than you might think.

If she knows the patient’s job involves using computers, Dr. Lyerly has the patient sit at her computer and try out different lenses. If the patient isn’t a heavy computer user, she has them do the same with their phone. When the patient responds by noticing an improvement, she talks to them about possible treatment solutions.

Depending on the patient’s needs, solutions can range from anti-fatigue glasses to daily contact lenses to help with dry eye. Since a lot of digital eye strain comes from undiagnosed astigmatism, you can prescribe those patients contact lenses to correct for that condition.

Dr. Lyerly says we need to stop thinking of multifocals as a solution only for our older patients. “Think of your patient’s needs,” she says. “Don’t relegate multifocals to 40 and up when it’s the right solution for the patient in your chair.”

Getting the patient on board is as simple as letting them try both lenses during their visit. “Show them that difference, side by side,” she says.

She reminds us that multifocal contact lenses are out there, too, and we should be talking more with our patients about contact lens solutions.

For millennial patients suffering from digital eye strain, there are now daily disposable lens options for astigmatism, and lenses with hyperopic prescription correction as well. Multifocal contact lenses could be a much bigger part of the treatment solution for patients with digital eye strain.

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