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A Comparative List of All Artificial Tears

We use artificial tears every day as optometrists, so here is a quick guide that has a list of all artificial tears.

Dry eye undoubtedly is something most of us encounter on a daily basis. Regardless of different types of dry eye etiologies and corresponding treatment methods, at some point I am certain you have recommended artificial tears to a patient.

The following is a list of all artificial tears and it’s used to serve as a quick reference resource guide for when you recommend artificial tears to a patient. Which artificial tears are similar to each other? Which artificial tears contain the same active ingredient? Which artificial tears are preservative free? These are all questions you may have, or your patients may have for you, use this list of all artificial tears.

This guide can provide some assistance in answering your patients’ questions, or even your own.

The following is a preview of the guide of the list of all artificial tears. Feel free to download the excel file linked below to access the full guide and to make your own updates if you so please.

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