Why You Should Choose RevolutionEHR for Your Optometry Practice

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If you own or work in an optometry practice, chances are you either already utilize an electronic health record (EHR), or are considering choosing one to integrate within it.

Government compliance, patient accessibility, protection of health information, efficiency; these are all reasons why practices are going paperless. It will likely only be a matter of time until it is not only necessary but mandatory.

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RevolutionEHR is not just for a single location practice but works well for practitioners that have multiple locations. I work in a practice that has 5 offices and roughly 8 doctors, and this system has worked to integrate all of our offices seamlessly. Over the last three years, I have used four different EHR’s, and I am happy to say that our current EHR is here to stay.

RevolutionEHR has allowed our practice to focus on patient care, and less on paperwork and navigating multiple software programs and IT struggles.

RevolutionEHR is the leading cloud-based EHR for optometry. It is also a powerful practice management solution.

The system incorporates various important entities within a practice:

  • Electronic Health Record
  • Practice Management System
  • Personal Health Record
  • Partner Integrations
  • Optical

RevolutionEHR is One Platform

The first thing you need to know about RevolutionEHR is that it is one platform.

One of the major frustrations I discovered with other EHR’s, was that often the software for the examination and data collection was separate and different from the software for optical and scheduling.

One of the major strengths of RevolutionEHR is that everything is in a single, easy to use umbrella. There is no toggling back and forth between programs, and why should there be? Scheduling, examination, and merchandising is all part of every patient encounter and having access to that data makes patient management much easier.

RevolutionEHR as an Electronic Health Record

RevolutionEHR makes documenting patient encounters natural, which is critical with a busy schedule. The software is ONC-ATCB certified which allows you to participate in Medicare incentive programs.

Not every practice is the same. Many methods offer specialty care. Fortunately, RevolutionEHR is customizable allowing practices to organize exam templates, encounters, scheduling, and care plan libraries to achieve maximum efficiency.

Exam data is readily available across all historical patient encounters, and previous data can be easily incorporated into the current encounter. RevolutionEHR Patient Dashboard

You have access to and can manage a patient’s diagnoses, reports, communication with other healthcare professionals, documentation, and special testing and imaging results all within the same organizational structure.

Billing and Coding are made easy with:

  • Auto-coding
  • Customizable CPT triggers
  • ICD10 auto conversion
  • Searchable procedure and diagnosis codes

Auto-coding is fantastic because based on the results of refraction, RevolutionEHR automatically codes refractive diagnoses for you. A major time saver!RevolutionEHR icd-10

These billing and coding features are extremely powerful and efficient. When ICD10 was on the horizon, IRevolutionEHR icd-10 spent very little time preparing for it, simply because I knew RevolutionEHR had it covered. The system is also able to convert old ICD9 codes for you into their ICD10 equivalent saving a lot of time for the patients you’ve seen before the implementation of ICD10.

RevolutionEHR codingUncertain what the correct ICD10 is?

No problem. Just search for it!

Like I said, I spent very little time learning new codes for ICD10 because RevolutionEHR made things incredibly easy!

You can also search for procedures if you are not certain of correct CPT code.

RevolutionEHR codingI can’t tell you how easy RevolutionEHR makes billing and coding and how much time I’ve been able to save by utilizing this interface. You need to experience it for yourself!

RevolutionEHR as a Practice Management System

As we all know, examining patients is only one element of running a practice. RevolutionEHR is a practice management tool that allows for:

  • Scheduling patients and creating a recall systemRevolutionEHR menu
  • Generating customizable patient lists based upon a specific diagnosis, date of encounter, type of encounter, etc.
  • Accounting – generate revenue data across specific time-frames and dates, doctors, individual patients, materials, and procedure codes
  • Claims submission
  • Create reports on optical data
  • Communicate with staff using an intraoffice messaging system
  • Marketing report generation
  • Data encryption that exceeds the requirements for Meaningful Use and HIPAA

RevolutionEHR hipaaYou can get a great handle on the financial health of your practice with the tools inherent within RevolutionEHR. I routinely generate patient lists based on various diagnoses to help me understand the volume of patients I see with particular pathologies. This enables me to understand my patient demographic better, and decide if there are additional services I should be providing or adding to the practice. It also helps me determine where I need to prioritize my marketing efforts for growth.

Keeping track of revenue is extremely easy, especially with multiple doctors and multiple locations. You can run financial reports sorted by a doctor or by location to visualize better how each office stacks up across specific time frames. This can help you quickly determine which location is experiencing the most or least growth.RevolutionEHR salesdata

RevolutionEHR Personal Health Record Feature

Give patients access to their health records. This is continuously a feature that I find many patients appreciate. Utilizing the patient portal, you can grant your patients secure access to:

  • Order status
  • Account balance
  • Next appointment
  • Exam data
  • Practice contact information

This feature has improved patient engagement and has helped me build rapport within my practice. I routinely have patients who send me messages with questions about their ocular conditions or medications, and sometimes even just want to send over a compliment on their most recent encounter!

RevolutionEHR Integrations

Many of us utilize other practice management tools. Our office specifically uses RxNT for e-prescribing and SolutionReach for existing patient relationship management and new patient acquisition.

RevolutionEHR seamlessly integrates with many industry partners including:

  • VisionWeb (lab orders)
  • Eyefinity (VSP eligibility and authorizations)
  • Trizetto (clearinghouse claim submissions)
  • ApexEDI (clearinghouse claim submissions)
  • RxNT (ePrescribing)
  • Demandforce (patient communications)
  • Websystem3 (patient communications)
  • SolutionReach (patient communications)
  • 4PatientCare (patient communications)
  • Edge (Business Analytics)
  • EyeconX (Canadian recall)
  • ClinicAID and CabMD (for OHIP, MSP, and AHCIP filing)
In addition to software, RevolutionEHR also integrates with equipment from top ophthalmic companies as well. You can easily import data from refractive and diagnostic devices with a simple click of a button. RevolutionEHR’s Integrator software communicates directly with a selected device, acquires data, and sends it into RevolutionEHR to automatically populate within a patient encounter.
Here is a list of industry partners that integrate with RevolutionEHR.

Using RevolutionEHR in your Optical

Optical and merchandising is critical to many practices and a key area and focus on practice management.

RevolutionEHR menuFortunately, RevolutionEHR allows you to manage orders, inventory and accounting all within the same platform. There is also partner integration with VisionWeb, EyeDoc, and FRAMESData.

One of the best features about RevolutionEHR is that you can view your practice’s inventory, and see all pending and completed optical orders by toggling between a few screens! This enables you to evaluate the efficiency and strength of your optical.

RevolutionEHR interface

RevolutionEHR Pricing

Pricing is clear cut and simple with RevolutionEHR. There are no surprises or hidden fees. There is is a one-time setup fee and a monthly subscription fee that is determined by the number of doctors in the practice.RevolutionEHR Pricing

The monthly fee provides you with:

  • Access to RevolutionEHR for all doctors and staff
  • All features and updates
  • Management, security and backup of data
  • Unlimited number of locations
  • Unlimited number of computers, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Unlimited access to customer support
  • Integration to supported refractive devices
  • Access to Framesdata and Eyedock
For practices with multiple locations, there are no extra costs, software, or technology required to add and integrate those locations to your account.

The subscription fee is based upon doctors, not locations, so there is no additional charge as you continue to grow and expand with your current group.

Since RevolutionEHR is cloud-based, you can login to the system from any location, and acquire instant access to all of the information across any of your practices.RevolutionEHR features

The benefits of this in working in a multi-location practice is extremely valuable and allows for:

  • Access to patient records from any location
  • Access to the schedule for any location and management of schedules across locations
  • Integration of patient data across locations for patients who receive care at multiple locations
  • Report generation for the entire practice, or separate offices within the group

After using several EHRs within the last three years, the accessibility, affordability, and functionality of RevolutionEHR within our multi-location practice has been nothing short of incredible.

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