Non-Patient Care Jobs In Optometry

There are many non-patient care jobs in optometry. There are many roles that exist for the non-traditional optometrist, so to speak, who is interested in non-clinical careers or non-patient care jobs. These roles are often baked into the profession and industry. There are roles that require different sorts of skill …

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Pathways to Leadership in Corporate Optometry

Navigating your optometry career can sometimes feel impossible. We gathered some of the biggest names in the eyecare industry to discuss their career journeys and how they reached their positions of leadership in corporate optometry. Erinn Morgan, Editor-in-Chief of Eyecare Business and Corporate Optometry Today, moderates a panel including: Dr. …

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Holistic Medicine in Optometry

What is holistic medicine? Dr. Richardson views holistic medicine as medical care that goes beyond the physical ideology; as a practitioner, you can treat, along with signs and symptoms that can be viewed clinically, the patient’s mind, body, and spirit. These alternative treatment ideologies can be integrated into your practice; …

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Equipping Your Practice to Bring an End to High Myopia

  The industry’s understanding of myopia, including its causes and factors that contribute to its progression, is still very limited. As with any new research or technology, learning to adapt these updates into a practice can be a slow process. However, while research continues to evolve and new information becomes …

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What’s New in Glaucoma Medication and Diagnostics

What's New In Glaucoma Medication and Diagnostics

Dr. Patricia Fulmer, OD joined Dr. Daniel Epshtein, OD at Vision Expo East 2019 to talk about the newest trends in medical optometry and the growth of glaucoma medication and diagnostics. The evolving world of glaucoma management The eyecare industry as a whole and the methods of care available are …

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