Operating The Million Dollar Optometry Practice

Matt Geller, OD, sat down with Bryan Rogoff, OD, MBA, CPHM, the owner of EyeExec Consulting and past president of the Maryland Optometric Association, at SECO to discuss what it means to operate a “million dollar optometry practice” and other advice on the business of optometry. The phrase “million dollar …

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Guide to Coding and Billing in Optometry

Coding and Billing in Optometry

If you are new to the world of coding and billing in Optometry, I am sure you are wondering where to begin. Unfortunately not much is covered during your years learning optometry so as soon as you graduate you have to begin catching up to your more experienced colleagues. Learning …

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Medical Optometry Practice – Understanding Billing and Coding

medical optometry practice understanding billing and coding

This is a sponsored post by Optometric Billing Consultants, a supporter of NewGradOptometry & new graduate optometrists! 😎 Today more than 86% of US citizens have medical insurance including more than 50 million Medicare beneficiaries. The fastest way to grow an optometric practice is to provide comprehensive medical care for all your …

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Staying Independent in Optometry During Consolidation


Staying independent in optometry is a challenge. There are a lot of complexities the independent optometrist faces, particularly administrative roles. We had the opportunity to sit down with Aaron Lech, OD owner at ClearVue Eye Care, during Vision Expo East, and asked him to share some thoughts on how the independent OD …

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