Practice Management

How To Develop a Medical Optometry Practice

At Vision Expo East, Antonio Chirumbolo, OD, sat down with Dr. Patricia Fulmer, Dr. Mark Dunbar, and Dr. Dan Epshtein to discuss how to develop a medical optometry practice. What is a medical optometry practice? “I think any practice can be a medical practice,” says Dr. Fulmer. “There’s not a …

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Optometry Practice Management with Rev360

This is a sponsored post by Rev360, a supporter of NewGradOptometry & new graduate optometrists! 😎  In the age of modern technology, advancements have changed the way we do things. Software and storage is completely different. Eye care software is no exception. Many practices are either using electronic health records (EHR) …

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Thought Leaders In Medical Optometry

Medical optometry is a term we hear increasingly more often in the profession. We had a chance to sit down with some true experts in the profession at Vision Expo East to get their take on what medical optometry is, why it is important, and how you can build a …

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Building an Optometry Co-management Network

Building an optometry co-management network can be beneficial for your patients and your practice. We had the opportunity to sit down with Patricia Fulmer, OD at Vision Expo West, and asked her to share some thoughts on optometry co-management and why it’s so important. Co-management is important in optometry. These …

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Managing an Insurance-Free Optometry Practice

Managing an insurance-free optometry practice

Four months before opening the doors of my own practice, I went to a local OD/OMD gathering. A group of optometrists were bemoaning insurance reimbursements when I approached them. I chimed in, “In my perfect world, I would be in a practice that doesn’t take insurance.” Everyone laughed. Little did …

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Top Marketing Strategies for Optometrists

We had the chance at SECO to sit down with Trudi Charezn, the co-founder of Marketing4ECPs, to talk top marketing strategies for optometrists and the importance of digital marketing for optometrists! “I see such opportunity every single day for eyecare businesses,” says Charezn. One of the misconceptions that keeps ECPs …

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