Practice Management

A Reflection On Private Practice Ownership 3 Years In

In my 3 years of private practice ownership, I’ve become a more savvy business owner. I’ve discovered there are 4 areas that are vital to your practice’s success: Additionally, I’ve found there are several challenges facing independent optometry, that require us to be different from online eye exams and e-commerce. 1) Negotiation A local lab rep …

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Make Private Practice Optometry Great Again

Make Private Practice Optometry Great Again. I use this slogan facetiously, but yet there is an element of truth. Anyone who has had even a 5 year career in optometry will tell you our profession has changed. Having worked in both modes, optometry students to need to know and recognize the …

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How To Effectively Build Patient Relationships

Listen to this article instead of reading it: Optometry has definitely changed over the last twenty years or so.  As Optometrists, we need to adapt as the profession changes. Due to managed care and other obstacles such as the competition that we face, we see more patients but spend less …

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